Carter HS Duals

Friday night (12/7) we kicked off the Carter Duals by drawing Poway High School in our first dual. They are the returning California State Champions! I won’t go into any detail as to the results. However, sarcasm at its best, Landon Myers after the dual says to Killian Gale, “Well that was pretty close”, Killian replies, “Yea, could have gone either way.” If you knew the score, it was pretty funny!

It didn’t get better when we faced Bloomington in our next dual. They are returning CIF Champions! Won’t go into any detail there as well. It got slightly better in the third dual of the night against Montclair.

However, coming off two brutal duals and missing Killian Gale and Andrew Gomez, we fell short. We did finish the night on an up swing by defeating Rialto High School. Abe Ochoa finished the night 3-0.

After an encouraging speech by Coach Forty, the team wrestled well on Saturday.

Mr & Mrs Lebya continue to be Hall of Fame grandparents. Their RV provided transportation to and from the duals on both days! Thank you both so very much!